Saturday, August 19, 2006

Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks Pro

Very nice web cam.

It's amazing to see how basic video conferencing has evolved over last few years. Two years back it was not that fun to use web cams with instant messaging services. But, today with web cameras like the one mentioned here, it's really fun to keep in touch with others.

This webcam is suitable for laptop users. Similar web cams are available for desktops too. This camera has a built in microphone. So, you do not have to work with messy headphone/microphone gear on top of your head or struggle with external gear. Very sensitive microphone. Automatic face tracking really works. Just set it up and it will track for the best picture quality. With broadband connection and this camera video conferencing is a reality. Sometime due to network issues, voice quality can be a problem. In that case, you can use regular telephone for voice. Being able to see other party makes such a big difference while having conversations that you would want to have this.

1.3 MP is adequate. Although on eBay found some web cams with much higher resolution. The fact that they are not available easily on prominent retailers such as may indicate something about their quality and/or usefulness.

This web cam also can record video and take still pix. The software that comes along with this to do all that is really user friendly.

Great little toy to keep in touch with friends and family back in India and elsewhere. Can be used for business communications too as long as you do not mind dressing up to take your con-calls when working from home:)

Little pricey but worth it. Face tracking itself is worth everything. Otherwise, there are other cheaper ones and you would spend half your time adjusting the position and focus and other half time with messy cables that the fun is over.

On small concern is that the camera heats up and it can be felt. So, unplug when not is use. The camera and the software is good enough to qualify for real plug and play.

Sometimes online retailers offer good bargains. discounts $30 if you make this as the first purchase using their VISA card. treated me very fairly and honored the discount that I had not used for close to 2 years. Thumbs up to them also.

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