Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mixed Doubles

After a long time, one nice film. A very low profile, independent film from talented Rajat Kapoor.

Swinging (between couples) is one subject that has been talked in hushed tones for time immemorial even in India. If it found mention in novels (even in Kannada) way back in 80s, it was going on at least on small scale.

Now with new wave of liberalism sweeping the country with increased buying power and rise consumerism, it makes sense for some one like Rajat Kapoor to visit the subject again.

Good film. Ranvir Sheroy (Pooja Bhatt's husband) and Konkona Sen Sharma (veteran actress Aparna Sen's daughter) are really good. Their day-to-day life of commoners is so well depicted. You would want to watch it just for that.

Husband (Sheory) middle aged man is bored or thinks he is bored with daily hum drum of life. He somehow thinks change of partner may help reduce that. A 'phenko' (bullshitting) friend from America comes and tells him about his experiences with swinging and how common and enjoyable it is for both couples. Of course, friend was bullshitting but that does not matter. A new bug has entered into the head of the husband and he goes extraordinary length to explore swinging opportunities and to convince his wife. She vehemently rejects first and later she gives in when he emotionally blackmails her.

They find another couple interested in swinging. Rajat Kapoor and his wife (Koel Purie). They set up the date for the experience. The experience they undergo is interesting and marks the end of the film. Positive is our age old principles and values seem to strong enough to steer us clear of obnoxious practices such as swinging to a large degree. Negative is such things are increasingly happening. Collapse of one's values is the beginning of the end of a society. Hope we wake up before it's too late

Rajat Kapoor and Koel Purie as other copule are also good. Boy, that Koel Purie has that eerie feeling of 'chudail' in her whole personality. Scary to the bones. Her mannerisms, dopey eyes, she is one hell of an actress for such roles.

Review from the netflix is below:

Sunil (Ranvir Shorey) and Malti (Konkona Sen Sharma) have been happily married for a decade, but their life has become dull, especially in the bedroom. In an effort to add some spice to their relationship, Sunil suggests they try wife swapping. At first, Malti refuses, but eventually she's won over. However, the sexually daring husband gets more than he expected when the couple has to deal with the aftermath of their amorous adventures.

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