Sunday, August 27, 2006

Swimming Across: A Memoir by Andrew S. Grove

"Only paranoid survive." Andy Grove  the founder and ex-CEO of Intel said this.

If you read (or listen to) this memoir from Andy Grove, you would understand the why he might have said so. This memoir traces Grove's childhood in Hungary to his coming and settling down in the USA. Grove who was a kid during world war II was personally affected by the war. His dad was taken away to work in some camp. He and his mother had to do everything to protect themselves from ire against Jews.

It's a very interesting read. Creates a nice picture of life in the eastern Europe around that time. Grove remembers facts and figures quite well.

Grove is an exceptional success story. An immigrant who came to the US after abandon his college to escape from the brutalities after Hungarian revolution went on to earn Ph.D. from UCB and founded and was CEO of Intel till 1998. Amazing success story.

This is not a book to pick up some business secrets from Grove. There are other books by Grove to teach some fine points which he perfected. This is for general light non-fiction reading with some fun. Groves childhood was not very ordinary and he did have some funny incidents we can all enjoy.

Good book.


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