Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bull and the vegetarian

Read this carefully.

There was a man who was a vegetarian and made sure that he took every care not to hurt any creature. He thought because of his goodness to animals no animal would or should attack him. With that understanding, he approached a raging bull and was gored badly. He cried, "Why did the bull attack me? It should only attack those who slaughter and eat the flesh of other bulls and cows and other animals. It had no right to attack me."

We can dismiss this as something childish or juvenile. But, if we stretch this analogy little more, we actually have similar attitude towards so called bad things happening to us in our lives. We may have lived a very upright and honest life. Regardless, at one time or the other, we will experience grief. We many take a position that it's very unfair that destiny singled us out and met out such treatment. We cry out exactly as the man in the above incident cried. We lived a honest life, did not hurt anyone, did not cheat anyone etc. but why on the earth we got such a raw deal. Raw deal may be some personal problem or a loss or anything that we absolutely did not want to happen.

There are several possible explanations. One sheer naivety. Other is false or wrong expectations. One more is lack of knowledge and so on.

If not anything the above mentioned small story goes a long way in helping us come in terms with reality when we feel like crying out and degenerate into self pity of "why did this bull attack me?"


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