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Corporate - Madhur Bhandarkar film. Madhur Bhandarkar who delivered some hard hitting films such as Chandni Bar, Page 3, Satta comes up with another 'hatkese' film that is Corporate.

Corporate tries to lay bare everything that happens in cut throat, dog eat dog world of corporate world.

In his other films Bhandarkar showed in macabre detail about things many of us only had heard. In Chandni Bar he depicted beer bar girls, their exploitation, cops and underworld nexus, how so called encounters take place and how a gangster is used and discarded when he is no more of a value.

In Satta, Madhur tried to expose the chess game that politicians play.

In Page 3, he went behind the facades of people who take pride in showing up on Page 3 (which includes reports of parties, socialites etc.)

After having seen Madhur exploring such sensitive topics, much was expected from Corporate. But, Corporate somehow misses the beat. It struggles to make a mark between dirty corporate acts and what not.

In corporate Madhur does not show anything that most of us do not know. Probably some of the things that he shows in Corporate we ourselves have seen happen all around us. Corporate espionage - fairly common although not as blatant as shown in the movie. What do you think people leaving to your competitor do? Shut their mouth and reveal nothing. There are several ways to work around all NDA etc. What about your customers? If they are really smart sales people, they will make your customers leave and go with them.

In Corporate we have nepotism, we have bosses doing favors for their subordinates in exchange for sexual favors, we have people using prostitutes to lure executives from competitors to steal secrets, we have people cutting corners to release products which are not safe for public consumption, we have companies going after like sharks go after the prey after smelling the blood, how NGOs are exploited, how media is manipulated etc.

Despite explicitly showing most of the above, corporate fails to make the impression such as Chandni Bar or Page 3 did. May be because we,as professionals, are exposed more of these things in our part of the world than what happens in some shady lanes of the underworld.

Rajat Kapoor, Raj Babbar, Bipasha and most of the cast delivers a solid performance. Only if the script was little more deep and involved, with this cast and theme, Bhandarkar could have come up with another great 'hatkese' film.

Payal Rohatgi as an item number is gorgeous. Vinay Apte as the finance minister is very good. The nativity he  brings to the role is unmistakable.

Luckily Bhandarkar has come back to doing to films that he is good at. He also had made 'Aan' which he said was the mistake of his life. But, it was a decent film if you do not take into account his other films. In fact, it had all good commercial stuff. In fact, Bhandarkar could have made that film equally well. It was based on famous cop Daya Nayak of Mumbai crime branch.

Good film.


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