Saturday, April 10, 2010

Some good books

Adaptive Project Framework: Managing Complexity in the Face of Uncertainty by Robert K. Wysocki - A good book describing managing high-risk projects using adaptive framework.

Bloody Treason: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy by Noel H. Twyman - One hell of a massive book. 900 odd pages. Probably one of the best pieces of investigative work on JFK assassination. Well researched and well written.

Cloud Computing and SOA Convergence in Your Enterprise: A Step-by-Step Guide by David S. Linthicum - A very good that explains how two emerging trends, cloud computing and SOA, are complementary and what you need to harness their collective power for your enterprise.

Googled: The End of the World As We Know It by Ken Auletta - Good book looking at Google and its short but very interesting history. Fast read.

On the Brink: Inside the Race to Stop the Collapse of the Global Financial System by Henry M. Paulson - From the man who tried to clean up the economic mess of 2008. Or as some critics say he too added his value by creating more mess and helping his cronies make more moolah. Hear from horse's mouth - from former treasury secretary Paulson. Writes in a simple and interesting style. Brings the characters out really well without offending them. His take on Sarah Palin is funny at  best. Everybody can see how irritating ignorant people can be when they pick up the phone call someone like Paulson who is trying to do 1000 things in a crisis mode. During such situation a person like Palin can test anybody's patience. It's impressing that Paulson did not blow his gasket on the governor.

Renewal: A Little Book of Courage and Hope by Eknath Easwaran - Little book of timeless wisdom by master Sri Eknath Easwaran. Great gift idea.

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