Saturday, July 17, 2010

Soar and get sucked into death

"Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines." - John Benfield

Is it always good to be a high-achiever? Yes. Is it always good to be a 'visible' high-achiever? Probably not.

It is good to be eagle but know where the jet engines are. Don't just soar too high too soon before you know the paths of jet engines around you.

Do not get too much exposure for yourself and your achievements before you know the political landscape. There are many people who will feel jealous of you for no good reason. For them being jealous is part of their constitution. They want to see others take a fall all the time. So, if you are a high-achiever and soar high very soon, chances are sometimes you get sucked into jet engines set up for you by these people.

They say, there are 2 ways to enter a swimming pool. One is do a deep dive. If lucky, you will make a gracious dive, make a big flash and everybody  will be awed. If not, you will make a big splash, get everybody around you soaking wet and if the depth is not enough, you may not come up after breaking your skull.

There is another way too to enter a pool. That is to slowly enter in the shallow end by testing the water for depth, warmth and quality. Get into the pool slowly, check out who all are swimming, get your laps done, get exercise, feel good and get out without much noise.

Question is - is it necessary for you to ensure that others  notice you? More attention you crave for, more energy you will need to manage the attention you get. If you do well, demand attention, rest assured you will get far more attention than you may have originally hoped for. But, for what? Why do you need unnecessary attention and all the headaches that come with it? Is it not better to devote the energy that goes in managing the attention to achieve more and more. In a quiet fashion.

Anonymity is very good. Crave for it. People who crave for popularity get it relatively easily. Then either they get hooked to it and their worth depends on how others feel about them or they start hating the publicity and associated headaches. Soar like eagles but stay out of jet engines. 'I rather soar in the company of eagles than walk in the company of ducks."


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