Saturday, January 22, 2011


Do we really have free-will?

If we do and if we can exercise, can we create the reality the way we want?

If we really have free will and convincingly exercise it, why do not things happen the way we want?

What is missing?

"Swami Chinmayanada used the metaphor of a boat in a river. With the engine working at a given rate, the actual speed of the boat will depend upon the current in the river and the direction of the boat. It will obviously travel much more quickly downstream, with the force of the current behind it., than it will trying to battle its way upstream against a powerful flow. The basic engine speed can be compared to "free will" and the current of the river to destiny. Both operate independently but the net effect is determined by their relative strengths."

Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati Mahaswami of Srigeri says - "Fate is past karma. Free-will is present karma. Both are really one, that is, karma. Though they may differ in the matter of time, there can be no conflict when they are really one.

By exercising your free-will in the past, you brought on the resultant fate. By exercising your free-will in the present, I want you to wipe out your past record if it hurts you or add to it if you find it enjoyable.In any case, whether for acquiring more happiness or for reducing misery, you have to exercise your free-will in the present."

Above are quoted from a great book - Back to the truth. 5000 years of advaita by Dennis Waite. Really fantastic read.


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