Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pessimist vs. Optimist

Two boys. Twins.

One is markedly a confirmed pessimist. Other is a true ever sunshine optimist.

On their birthday, their dad tries a neat little trick on them.

He buys a boatload of toys for his pessimist son and put them his room in the night.

For the optimist son, he gets several buckets full of horse manure and places them in his son's bedroom.

Next morning, both kids wake up and see different things in their respective rooms.

Father goes first to his pessimist son's room.

What he finds?

The pessimist son has opened up all his toy boxes and has put the toys all around him and, for heaven's sake, is crying.

Father - what's wrong son? You should be happy for all these toys.

Pessimist son - So many toys. Many require batteries. How will I get batteries? Now all my friends will want to play with them as well. What if they broke them? What if they steal them? How do I keep track of all these toys?

On and on, he went.

Father gave up on this hopeless son and went to check out his optimist son.

As expected, he found his son awake, cheerful and looking for something in and around.

Father - son, what are you looking for?

Optimist son (with his cheerful grin and shine in his eyes) - There is so much horse manure here. There must be one or more ponies around here. I would love to find them and have a gala time learning to ride them.

See the point?

It's all in the way we see things.

This may be a very simplistic story but how often it is true.

In fact, we all have more than enough good things in life.

Seriously, very few of us have equivalent of horse manure in our lives.

But, why  are we sad, pessimistic about everything?

Attitude. Fix it and everything else will fall in place.

Your attitude determines your altitude.

Aptitude may get you to the top. But, attitude, if right, keeps you there.


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