Saturday, June 16, 2012


Where do you find your security?

First of all, when you say - I want to feel secure - what do you mean?

Security here means only self preservation or something else?

Self preservation means preserving what all you think as - I, Me and Mine. 

We feel insecure because with our limited view of unity of life, we are always in "us versus them" mindset. But, as you start moving towards understanding undivided life of unity where the separateness does not exist, concept of individual security starts diminishing. That itself starts giving more  security.

Sounds funny but true. I mean you start caring less and less about - I, me and mine and you start feeling more secure and secure. When did the rules of the game change? Be good to others and you are best to yourself. Try it and see for yourself. It's not hard to understand once you become convinced that your welfare is part of the greater good. As long as you are consciously working for greater good, some part of that effort is being credited to your good as well. But, now it not just your effort alone, if you see, small small efforts of similar people are also being credited towards your good. Which one is better? Your effort alone or yours plus that of others? 

Without knowing where to find security, people latch on to several things only to be disappointed.

First thing is if you look for security in anything that is going to change, you are going to be disappointed and feel more and more insecure.

First resort of many is their body. Oh, how fine a body it was 20 years ago. Look at it now. I used to feel so proud of my body, health and looks. Now I am not happy with it anymore. I am losing confidence. I am depressed. This is what body consciousness leads to. Total despair. People who have used their bodies, looks, beauty to make them feel secure are going to feel this way one time or the other.

Everyone must take the best care of their bodies because that's all we have to last through this life time. That's the means to the end. So we need it. With proper lifestyle, you may not look as good as you looked years ago, but feeling good and feeling healthy is within everybody's control and does not take much to achieve.

Regardless of whatever your body's condition, if you start living healthy today, I can tell within one month,you will start feeling better. Don't ever underestimate the healing power of exceptional machine called human body. Just take care of it with only good food in moderate quantities, some exercise to keep you fit, medications if any ordered by your doctor and more importantly some kind of yoga and meditation. Body may be physical but mind, body and spirit are interlinked. So take care of your body holistically.

So with good health in any kind of body, you feel good and feel secure. This is not because you still continue to body conscious and your body has been regaining its old health. This is because your perspective changes. After recognizing that body is not the place to put your faith for security, you will move on to next item to cling on to for security.

We will see what that is in the next post.

Part - 2 is here -


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