Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Re: Sorry Bollywood, The Truth About Azhar Lies in His Own Confessions

This is about the news article - Sorry Bollywood, The Truth About Azhar Lies in His Own Confessions

May be. But if you can't prove it in the court of law, then he is as clean as new born baby's bottom! 

There is a reason why confessions don't matter except given on one's own volition before a judicial magistrate. Second thing, people talking all kind of things about Azhar were not under oath. What stopped the govt from prosecuting him and bring those very people to witness box and make them say all that they said under oath?? When it comes to talking under oath, same people shy away.

Me not a fan of Azhar or any cricketer. Have followed the match fixing cases including this from the very beginning. But just wanted to remind ourselves that as a society we chose not to prosecute him and now taking potshots based on immaterial confessions means nothing. Not going to change anything. On the contrary, whatever cases he has fought, he has won.

Not sure what's the status now but till very recently there were no laws in India to charge somebody with match fixing. Best you could do was to use cheating, income tax evasion so on and so forth. Look at what happened to IPL spot fixing case. Case did not even come to trial. Summarily thrown out.

The reason this is important is tomorrow similar thing can happen to YOU. Little differently though. Let's say, somebody accuses you falsely of some charge of rape, murder, assault, robbery etc. Under duress, you make all sorts of confessions just to escape the 'danda' / torture of police. But since you are innocent, most likely you will be acquitted in the court of law. How do you want the society to treat you? You want them to say, 'He is not guilty. Let's welcome him back.' or like this, 'Oh! he made all sorts of confessions but still got out free. He must be guilty yaar!' It is difficult for people to swallow something contrary to their version of truth (even if it is really true) but if we want fair treatment to ourselves under similar circumstances, we better start respecting the law of the land. Match fixing, underworld connections, starlets, scandalous affairs, honey trapping angle, so on and so forth, all good raunchy and sensational material to talk in private but that's where there place is. Period!

Now if Azhar sues these media people for defamation and slander, they will understand. It is one thing to say he made all those confessions as a matter of fact in an article but it's entirely different to cast aspersions on him in public.

Your logical take?

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sunaath said...

I do not know about his Confessions. So no comments on that. Muttanna Rai, the underworld don made confessions some time back. May be he wants to whitewash his face. That does not change the true colour of his face. If someone confesses, it should be with repentance like Angulimala who confessed before Buddha. (Thereafter Angulimala went to a town for begging alms. People who recognised him beat him to death. He did not raise a finger against them. And that is TRANSFORMATION.)

Has Azar changed? He said he was given an unfair treatment because he belonged to `minority'. See, Azar was one of the most adored batsman and captain. But this statement of him disillusioned the people for what he is as a person. Still, he was rewarded with Rajyasabha membership and traveled abroad with the vice President at Government cost. Is he sorry for blaming India for biased treatment against the minorities? How can I still respect him as a person, though I respect him as a cricketeer?

Mahesh Hegade said...

Excellent points, Sunaath Sir.