Saturday, September 16, 2006

No meaning

Nothing has meaning unless you attach one to it. True? False? May be?

It made sense at least for GOOD and BAD. No experience or incident is inherently good or bad. The way we feel towards it determines whether it becomes GOOD or BAD.

I think this understanding goes a long way in battling day-to-day disappointments, brooding over things, frustration etc. By taking things as they happen and not rushing to attach meanings to them, we can reduce the anguish we feel. Easy? Not even by a long shot. Your favorite stock  goes down by 15% and you forgot to place a stop on it and lost decent sum of money. If someone says, this is neither good nor bad, you are going to kill him. But, this is the kind of situations, we need to be able to be detached. It comes after some practice.  A lot of people recognize the value of developing all these good qualities like detachment, taking things as they come, patience, forgiveness etc. They have no doubts that these are the qualities they should go after. But, these qualities are hard to come by. Some people get them easily and some not so easily. But, these qualities are not anything that can not be learnt. We did not learn to read in one day. We learnt and practiced so long and so much that now it is secondary. We do not have to do it explicitly. Same with writing. Same with any skill that we learnt -  practiced and perfected. Same with these soft skills also. It may be true that their practice and perfection is much harder and often very painful but the only way to learn things like patience and forgiveness is by actually becoming more and more patient and forgiving more and more people for more and more of their mistakes and wrongs done to you.

When we look at the things that we term bad, disappointing, uninteresting etc., it is the volition of our ego and our preconceived notion of what is good, what is exhilarating and what is interesting. If we abolish such preconceived notions and experience every thing with an open mind, chances are more often than we expect we feel good. It's like a child not even willing to try dish because he thinks that dish tastes awful. May be because of it smell or may be because of the container it is in and for any other reason. But, when the child tries it finally, many times they find it so tasty that they are hooked to it.

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