Saturday, December 02, 2006


Peopleware by Tom Demacro and Tim Lister.

One of the classics of software engineering. This addresses much ignored 'soft' side of software engineering. Focused on people, organizations, organization behavior, how organizations help or hurt good software development, people management and how old type 'task managers'  hurt more than they help.

Tom Demacro is one author who has latched on to 'soft' side of software engineering and has developed very valuable insights. It is very important that we benefit from his insight from long drawn experience.

Another thing that makes his books interesting are his style. Very simple, conversational and to the point. His books are organized as a collection of small essays. You can read 1-3 essays in one sitting and you are not overloaded or unde loaded.

I am glad to reverse my original impression about Demacro. My first exposure Demacro was thru one of his books which was prescribed for the project management course I had done as part of my graduate degree way back in 1999. The book was written as novel and set in some imaginary land. It did not appeal to me that much.

But, 'Peopleware' and the other book 'Slack' that I am reading now have really changed my impressions. I am only glad. Otherwise I would have missed out on treasure of valuable insights.


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