Thursday, February 22, 2007


"Growing is mandatory. But, growing up is optional."

What does it really mean to be an adult? The best thing I read was - "to be adult is to constantly remember that we have a choice for most of the things in our life. To be adult is to be responsible for the outcomes which result from choices  we make."

Note that it does not say choices are easy and can be easily exercised. But, if we do not want to be in some situation, we can certainly choose to not be  in that situation. As long as we understand the outcome of our choice and be responsible, we will be ok.

However, many times choices that we have are not really good for us compared to small predicaments that we face. So, we choose to put up with the situation than walking out of it. It is funny that we have done cost-benefit analysis and only then chosen to live the way we are living. But, this analysis is all done so naturally and correctly that it is not evident to external mind at all. So, we despair over our situation and feel helpless. Not the case at all. You were in charge, you are still in-charge and you will continue to be in-charge all along. Just make use of that understanding and be happy.

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