Saturday, February 17, 2007

Software Product Management Essentials

Software Product Management Essentials (Paperback)
by Alyssa S. Dver

Nice little book on software product management. Since the book aims to cover only essentials, look for other books for detailed treatment on any specific topic of interest.

At a high level, this book does a good job of covering almost all and in some cases more (such as going international) topics that should be of interest to the reader.

The book also has some templates to get started with. You can also buy templates for a price. Templates should be available from many other resources as well.

Book touches upon requirements (collecting, analyzing, prioritization), provides basics of software development to those product managers who may be transitioning from other areas, takes thru product development and delivery process and ends with taking product global.

The book is written in a simple and sensible style. If not for that, it would have been difficult to cover so many topics in a such small book. Taking a software product is a very complex activity and this book does good job of opening one's eyes to all sorts of issues and sheds some light on how to go about addressing those issues. That is best part of the book even for an experienced software professional as many of us are not exposed to that yet.

Pricing and product marketing are also very important functions of a product manager but many times hijacked by sales and other departments. This books explains clearly where are the boundaries and what product managers are expected to do. Pricing has been dealt in good detail using 4Cs as the framework for pricing (Cost, Competition, Customers, Change).

Over all a good book for introduction. There is nice appendix for suggested reading and list of references for additional reading. That is something a small book like this should always do to point readers hungry for additional material and this book does it.


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