Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ego to God

Inspiration philosophical bit that I came across somewhere. Sorry do not remember well enuf to give the credit it deserves but nevertheless it is such a jewel.

"Take out E out Ego and add a D at the end and you have transformed Ego to God."

All scriptures scream 'get rid of that ego, get rid of that ego. that's the only thing that is stopping you from realizing your true self." How true?

Ego is a loaded term. Understanding what it means itself may take several life times. But, simple explanation is that all those thoughts, things that are very much related only to you and nothing to do with others. Ego is exactly opposite of what should ideally be thinking on the lines " if I work for the welfare of others, then I am naturally taken care of. My welfare is part of the bigger welfare."

Spiritual teachers have a knack of driving this point home. They ask a pointed question. Remember a time when you were really happy? If you can carefully replay that incidence, how much of you psyche was thinking about you, your problems, what you want, what you like or what you do not like. Chances are many of us say, during those ecstatic times, there was a very little mind energy focused on ourselves but most of it was on something else. Even if it is completely absorbed in a game we like very much. That is closer to ego less state. Although it is far from complete ego less state. Point is when we lose ourselves in doing something that takes away our mind from brooding on ourselves, we become happy.

Great starting point to start thinking less and less about what we want, what we like or what we do not like is to start accepting things as they are. This does not mean that we should stay put that way all the time but if we do not accept things as they are then we spend more time being unhappy about the state of things than doing something to change them. After we accept the way things are, then we can throw ourselves into fully into changing things that we do not like if it bothers us so much. If we are that passionate about changing things we do not like, we will become so engrossed in that endeavor that our initial problems with how things were just evaporates and does not bother us. Many times it so happens that when we take into doing something so much passion, divine insight will start appearing from somewhere to let us advise if we are on the right path or not. If we are smart enuf, we heed to signs and change our ways. If not the process repeats, things start becoming difficult, we get unhappy and time to repeat the process. Accept the situation and start doing something about it.


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