Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tips for new computer

If you have bought a new computer, following tips may be useful.

1) One of things we want to do is to transfer contents as easily as possible. Most effective way may be take the replica from your old computer and image your new computer exactly. You can use Norton Ghost or similar tool to do that. But, if you want to transfer contents on top of what already exists on your computer then one way to do is to transfer using something like PCLinq or even better use Easy transfer feature built into Vista. This is probably one of the bang-for-the-buck feature in Vista. But, keep in mind, regular cables which connect using USB does not work with easy transfer feature. There is a specialize cable from Belkin etc. which are meant for Vista's easy transfer. If you try to connect regular USB cable, Vista does not recognize it. That's not the point. You really do not need a special cable. Easy Transfer feature prefers that you buy the specialized cable from Belkin or similar company but not necessary. Just plug your old computer  and new computer to any hub and you are ready to go. If you are transferring from XP to Vista, install Easy-Transfer available free from Microsoft on XP and you are good to go. If you are transferring from XP to XP, then you need to install easy-transfer on both machines. Easy-transfer is pretty smart. It asks you if it can override firewall settings and proceeds smoothly. Pretty fast too. It is not just transferring the contents. It also transfers all settings. Imagine installing all new programs and having to manually re-set all your preferences in Word, Excel etc. etc. In this case as long as you have installed programs on the target computer, settings are transferred nicely.

2) If you use Firefox browser then you want to use MozBackup utility. It's a freeware. Excellent utility. It transfers not only your bookmarks but also all passwords that you may have set up to log in to web site. One of the nicest features in Firefox is to store passwords and provide additional security using master password. It would be pain to reenter all those passwords. This tool does all that for you. Run it on old computer. It dumps all the info into a file. Transfer that file to the new computer. Run the same utility to import and you are back in business.Fantastic tool. Thanks to the developer who took pains to develop it and made it available free of cost.


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