Friday, June 08, 2007 - great place to buy Indian groceries, food stuff and other Indian items online.

Great quality. Most of the food items are quite fresh (i.e. expiration is quite far into the future as opposed old stuff you find in some Desi stores). May be because they are a big establishment, fresh stuff seems to be there.

Prices - competitive. Orders more than $65 get free shipping. Great deal.

Dry fruits  such as cashews, almonds, pista, raisins are excellent. MTR and other ready-to-eat stuff are good. Stuff is packed professionally which is evident when you receive the package. Orders are processed almost immediately.

If you hate to shop in stinking, crowded Desi groceries and are shopping from imperishable, this is a great site. If you have a great local Desi grocer, good for you.

Another thing is variety. Many local Desi shops do not stock all stuff. They only stock what moves and what does not move is normally past expiration.

Give it a try if you like.


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