Saturday, June 30, 2007


"Take your job seriously. Do not take yourself so seriously."

These are the words of wisdom from someone who won an award for achievement in my company. Not sure if these are her own words or from some quotation. But, very meaningful.

When we take ourselves very seriously, everything else like job, friends, family etc.which needs to be taken seriously miss that opportunity. When we take ourselves seriously, we become very unnatural. Unnatural people accomplish very little. "Show them that you too sweat," said some one. That is be open to admit that you are human too. Taking oneself too seriously is a sure sign of perfectionism. Nobody ever has been successful at that.

By taking yourself seriously, you are sure to botch up your chances of doing your best. To do our best, we have to just let our effort flow naturally. Can you let that happen when you are not your real self in the first place?


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