Saturday, July 28, 2007


"Swallow your pride occasionally. It is not fattening."

I would add that it is not only not fattening but also very nutritious. More you swallow your pride, better your (spiritual) health gets.

Keep in mind though like anything else good, it is like a bitter medicine. It is difficult swallow, but does a lot good.

People who start swallowing pride suddenly see many benefits. First, they start seeing that they are accomplishing more than they used to be. When you are not willing to swallow pride, you always end up 'taking your ball and going home' all the time. In that case, you do not get to play more. If you do not play more, how can you score runs? It's same in work. If you do not swallow pride, you do not work well in teams, and you will not accomplish much. In professional circles, they give you your proverbial ball and send you home. You do not need to go on your own. So, it is good for your career to swallow pride.


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