Saturday, January 05, 2008

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda

Pramahamsa Yogananda was an Indian sage. Probably one of the earliest sages from India to start his movement in the US. Details about him and his organization can be found at his web site -

This book is written by him. Unlike many other spiritual books, this really traces his transformation from an ordinary man to one of the most renowned yogis of recent times.

They say yogis do not become. They are made from common men who receive divine grace as determined by God. Some receive in one life time and many others after several life times.

The book is full of breath taking experiences that Yogananda underwent during the transformation. More breath taking are the experiences that Yogananda's teachers and their teachers underwent. Yogananda does a great job of trying his best to explain mystical experiences using the body of scientific knowledge that he was familiar with drawing from quantum mechanics to modern space theory.

Another highlight of the book is a set of rare photographs which show Yogananda's visit to famous people such as Gandhi etc.

This is a highly inspiring book. Easy to read. Very honest narration. Good read for anyone regardless of whether they are on spiritual pursuit or otherwise. It can serve as a good navigator to go through this life's journey.


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