Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Came across this wonderful quote while listening to one of Dale Carnegie's audio books.

"You get ulcers not from what you eat. But, from what is eating you."

It is true to some extent that 'hurry, worry, curry' cause heartburn and when not taken care of result in ulcers. Although hurry and curry may contribute to ulcers, chances are worry is the main culprit. Worry is what eating us and it is bound to cause all sorts of problems.

There is no easy route to overcome worry. Some lucky people are pre-disposed with tendency to worry less. God bless them. They should be thankful to God. We can probably observe such people and learn a lesson or two and understand why these people worry so little.

One thing probably we notice is that they are even keeled in the sense that they are ok if things go their way or other way. Most of the worry is when we are hell bent on getting what we think we want. We do not know many times that what we desperately want is not really good for you. We do not understand this because we do not see the full picture. But, God sees it and gives us only those things which are good for us. So, developing some sort of detachment from our likes and dislikes may go a long way in reducing worry. Of course, this does not mean that we take fatalistic attitude. We just stop worrying about the outcome. We do our job and leave the result to God. Easier said than done. However, coming to this understanding and accepting it will go a long way before we can train ourselves to detach from results.

Secondly thing we may notice in people who worry less is their ability to always absorb themselves in something they truly enjoy. It may be their work or a hobby or keeping themselves busy with family. When we do not have time to think about ourselves, our wants, our likes and dislikes, we naturally tend to worry less. We can probably spend the whole day keeping ourselves busy. What about the night? Worries swarm as soon as head hits the pillow. If we are not fully tired from days work, worries tire us down before we get into  sound sleep. One thing that can help is to read something inspirational before we go to bed. Slow reading naturally induces sleep as long as what we are reading is not a sensational novel. When we start feeling sleepy, it is time to make sure that sleep does not go away when worries hit us back again. That's why it may be useful to turn on some soothing music as soon as you keep your book aside and turn off the lights. Soothing music at a very low volume is sure to put you to good nights sleep. There are many music CDs that you can find which are specifically developed for this purpose.

Let's wish each other all the good luck in overcoming the worry. If we can do that, little bit of curry and hurry can harm us any more.


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