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Mafia literature

17 Oct 2011 - Search for "Underworld Flashback" on There are several videos, serialized, which tell the story of Bangalore underworld in the 80s, 90s. Several incidents from these books find place in those videos.

5 March 2014 - Looks like these books have been translated into English. I have not read it myself but for someone who does not know Kannada, it may be of some interest. You can find the book here.
-- Read it. Nice book. All 3 Kannada volumes combined in one (21 March 2014)

Recently read 'Dadagiriya Dinagalu', a three volume set by Sridhar Murthy aka Agni Sridhar. The books are in my native Indian language - Kannada. 'Dadagiriya Dingalu' roughly means 'my days in the mob'.

Agni Sridhar is the editor of Kannada weekly tabloid Agni (Fire). Journalism is his latest profession. For over 2 decades he was a prominent figure in India's IT hub Bangalore's underworld.

Probably it is the first time any mob boss has written his own biography. There are several books on mob people by other people. It is rare that a mob figure himself has written his own life story.

Makes a very interesting read for those who have interest in and followed the mob scene in Bangalore. First volume introduces the author and his entry into the crime world. The first volume ends with an era. The era of Kotwal Ramachandra who was once the uncrowned king of Bangalore underworld. During late 70s and early 80s, he had created such a menace in Bangalore with tacit support from politicians and police that there are legends about his mafia exploits.

Second volume traces the rise of the author Sridhar with another mob boss M.P.Jairaj. After eliminating Kotwal, Sridhar became a trusted aide of MP Jairaj. Second volume ends with the elimination of M.P.Jairaj and the introduction of the most colorful of all mob bosses - Muthappa Rai. Muthappa Rai brought true Bombay style gangsterism to Bangalore as he was closely associated with Bombay underworld. Muthappa Rai is credited to have introduced gun culture to Bangalore underworld prior to which only crude weapons such as swords and knives ruled the roost.

Third volume story starts around 1989. Picks up from where then ruling don M.P.Jairaj was murdered in a sensational manner. It was probably the first time a ruling don of Bangalore was gunned down by hired killers from Mumbai in a typical Bombay fashion. The 'real' story around that murder makes good part of the book. The convoluted maze of goons, cops, underworld of Bombay, politicians, political equations etc. that led that murder makes it read like a thriller. Last volume also talks about the start, growth and end of the relationship between Sridhar and colorful (Ex) don Muthappa Rai. Journalist Ravi Belagere also figures. Sridhar nonchalantly writes about how he got to know Ravi Belagere, how he helped him found 'Hai Bangalore' tabloid, how and why he became disillusioned with Belagere and his tabloid and how he started his own tabloid 'Agni'.

This volume also details the murder attempt on Sridhar. Allegedly by Muthappa Rai and cohorts. Lucky for Sridhar, he was not there in the car that day. The driver who resembled him with his bald pate paid the ultimate price. This was similar to how M.P.Jairaj was murdered. Other confidants of Sridhar like Bachchan survived the attack.

Sridhar, as he claims in the books, is a well read and well educated person. Due to circumstances he had to enter and stay in mafia. He makes his stance clear in several cases. Very open and candid style. These books, I am sure, have opened several Pandora's boxes as many still living figures from police, politics and other walks of society prominently figure. Sridhar writes without any apparent malice or favor against his foes or friends. That is refreshing.

Sridhar claims to have left all mafia associations behind him and has become respected journalist. Hope it is true. Hope he pens many good books in the future. He certainly has what it takes to write good books.


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Vikas Hegde said...

Hi Maheshanna,

Did u watch the movie 'aa dinagaLu' which is based on the Shridhar's book 'Dadagiriya Dinagalu'? Its v.good and has got a wide applause from media and people.

and Muttappanna (Muttappa Rai), recently launched a non political organization 'Jaya Karnatka'.

Badri said...

Hi Mahesh,

It was interesting to read your blog about the book. I happened to watch the movie aa dinagalu recently and have been fascinated by the events that have been depicted in it. I have ever since been trying to find the book 'dadagiriya dinagalu', written by Agni Sridhar himself.
Could you please let me know if it is available online for buying? Or any other source?

K. Laxminarayana Rao said...

I dont think Agni Sridhar has left Goondaism/mafia. His present role as Film Producer, Author, Journalist and Kannada Activist is only to hide his goonda role and get sympathy and support from innocent public. At least people are using his name, particularly Land mafia. Read an article in The Deccan Herald on how his men tried to terrorise and extract moeny from a Bangalore Land developer. Also the latest one is whoever has taken over a company called Vinyas Construction are using his name to terrorise original purchasers of plots in a layout in Jigani to hand over their plots in the said layout to them cheap. BMRDA and Anekal Development Authority should takeover layouts where the development work has stopped and help people who baught plots in such layouts. Will they do it?

Anonymous said...

Opulently I assent to but I about the brief should secure more info then it has.

Ravikiran said...

thank you very much, i was a big fan of 'aa dinagaLu movie'. recently suvarna news channel started 'underworld flash series', you can check them out on youtube, so was interested to read this book, thanks a ton for the primer.

Anonymous said...

Nice work, Thanks