Monday, March 17, 2008

DELL customer service

Recently I had a reason to contact DELL customer service. I had bought a laptop few months ago. The power adapter conked out during warranty period. Not a big deal. These things do go wrong.

I chose to contact DELL using their online chat facility. Their web site is pretty good. It can detect your computer id if you permit it. That id will speed up getting technical support. That was neat. BTW, that id is also put on the back of the laptop where you can find laptop serial number. That service tag id is the social security number of computer. Have that handy. All communication with DELL is done using that.

First online chat person was helpful. He had to determine if it was battery or the power adapter that was the problem. One step was for me to restart the computer and check for some BIOS setting. So, I had to end that chat session. He was nice enough to provide his name and id so that I could try to request for the same person when I reconnected for online chat support.

Unfortunately when I reconnected the same person was not available. The other support person was equally helpful. Walked me through their regular process and determined that most probably it was power adapter that was defective which was causing batter not charge. Turned out be true.

Great thing was how quickly they processed the replacement. Once they confirmed and agreed to replace, I got my replacement in less than 2 days excluding the weekend. They shipped using DHL. Kept me posted on the process using their automated e-mails so that I could stay on top of the process. Their supply chain system seems to so well oiled. It was a pleasure. As part of warranty replacement, I have to return the defective part. They enclosed DHL label for return shipment. I just need to put back the old adapter and ship it back to them. How much more easier this can get?

I certainly recommend DELL based on this experience. I certainly did not want anything to go wrong. But, things do go wrong. When they do, having someone like DELL take care of your concerns promptly is worth the business you give it to them.


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