Tuesday, March 25, 2008


"Prayer is not a spare wheel that we pull out when we are in trouble. It is a steering wheel that keeps us on the right path throughout our life."

What a beautiful quote! I do not know who said it. Got it in an e-mail and could not wait to write it down. Only if we remembered to take the name of the God every time we start something, in no time all our insecurity, diffidence, lack of confidence all go away like the mist at the first rays of sun. When we start something new or about face a challenge, we seem to think about everything else but God. It is only when we run into some problem, we use the name of God as a last resort that too without much hope or belief. Even in desperate situations, we are not sure if things can turn for good. We somehow remember that people say it helps to pray during the times of trouble and we too do that. Instead of using prayer as the last resort, why not make it part of our daily routine. Even if we are absolutely scientific minded, believing in supreme power goes a long way in taking out most of the worries. Even scientific minded people acknowledge that there are way too many unknowns and factors not within our control, belief in God is a way to abstract them all and treat them as a black box and not worry about them. Worrying about all that is like plugging leaky holes in a boat instead of rowing the boat to our destination.


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