Saturday, April 26, 2008


I use Qumana to edit and post my blogs. Noticed some problems recently with it when it starts. The splash screen comes up and that's it. Nothing happens beyond that. There is no toolbar icon. I was kind a puzzled. This is how I fixed it. May help you if you also Qumana for blogging.

OK, whenever software gives problems, pattern to use is 'Log files'. This pattern did not let me down. I went to the directory where Qumana is installed. There it was - qumana.txt. The log file. When I opened it, there was all the info I needed to find out what the problem was. As you can well imagine, Qumana stores blog entries and others in its local database at C:\Users\mahesh\Application Data\Qumana\db. It seems that the database file was corrupted and it was not able to open the database file. So, Qumana was aborting on start up.

I just deleted the and restarted Qumana editor and voila it started working. Of course, since I deleted the database file, all settings etc. are gone. So you have to go through adding your blogs by providing user name and passwords etc and it has to set them up again. Any unposted posts are probably gone. So, do not leave unposted important posts. Blogs the rule of the game is to post it ASAP.


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