Monday, July 06, 2009

Passion & Passionate

"Without passion you can not achieve anything." "Passionate people make all the difference." "Passionate people fire up everyone around them."

We hear a lot of such stuff. Business books and business leaders (such as Jack Welch of GE) go on to say that 'it may not be fair but passionate and energetic people tend to be more successful than genuinely brilliant people.'

I have observed a few things about passion and passionate people.

Some people think they are passionate just because they are attached to their opinion so closely that  their opinions have become their second skin. Do you really call that passion? I doubt it. I call it 'uncalled for stubbornness'. Nothing convinces them to change their opinions. If something other than their opinion is thrust upon them (say from their superiors), they will half heartedly follow it or find every way to sabotage it. Is that passion? I do not think so.

I think real passion is doing whatever it takes to reach the end goal without worrying too much about the means (as long as they are legal and not immoral). That means if you have to put your own opinions aside for the sake of common good and rally behind somebody else's opinion, you just do that. You do that with all energy, enthusiasm giving your very best. That's passion. That's dedication and that's success.

I think it suffices it to say one has to be passionate about his or her goals and not passionate only about his/her opinions. If somebody makes a case to change your way which may help achieve your goals more optimally, you do so. That's passion.


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