Sunday, September 06, 2009


How often you think about death? If you are like the most, hardly ever. For many people, death becomes a familiar topic in the middle age. Parents pass away. Elderly people whom you saw while growing up pass away. Relatives pass away. I think once after you are 30 years or so, news of someone or other's death becomes all too familiar. In last 3 years alone, I got so much more familiar with death than anytime before with the passing away of close relatives, family friends etc.

Death is a reminder to 'make rest of your life best of your life.' Everyone will continue to be alive till the purpose they are born to serve is incomplete. Most of us, anyway, do not know what we are born for. Not a blame on us. Sometimes the divine force just drives us towards that purpose without us knowing about it consciously. Risk is that sometimes if the purpose becomes overtly clear, we may unnnecessarily resist and make life more painful than it has to be. As they say - 'pain is inevitable. suffering is not.'


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