Monday, June 14, 2010

Reflect the goodness

Moon does not have it's own light. Moon reflects the light of  sun. Stars have their own light. What do you see on a new-moon day? Is it darker or brighter without moon?  It's darker. Right?

Moon does not have its own light. Merely reflecting sun's light, moon keeps the night that much brighter. Stars have their own light but still on a new-moon night, all stars together do not match up to moon's light.

So, what to learn? Reflect the goodness. Original goodness in us is amplified by many  times, when we first start reflecting the goodness. If you do not know what to do, just do the same things the other people do that made you happy. If somebody was good to you, be good to others. If somebody was patient with you, develop more patience. If someone gave a lot of their time to help you, give more of your time to help somebody else too.

Just by starting to reflect goodness in ourselves, we start to get more and more better ideas to become a better human being. To start off, just reflecting is good.

What's very important to reflect? The surface should be clean. A dusty mirror does not reflect as well as a shiny clean one. Clean up your mind and soul. Then start reflecting the original goodness.

Cheers to reflecting the original goodness!

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