Friday, July 09, 2010

Mind control

"There was once a minister to a great king. The king, displeased with the minister, ordered him to be confined in the top of a very high tower. This was done, and the minister was left there to perish.His wife came to the tower at night and called to her husband. The minister said to her, "No use weeping." He told her to take a little honey, a beetle, silken thread, a pack of fine thread, a ball of twine and a rope. She tied the silk  thread to one of the legs of the beetle and put honey on top of its head and let it go with its head up. The beetle slowly crept onwards, in the hope of reaching the honey, until at last it reached the top of the tower, when the minister grasped the beetle, and got possession of the silken thread, then the pack thread, then the stout twine and lastly the rope. The minister descended from the tower by the means of the rope and made his escape.

In this body of ours the breath motion is the "silken thread"; by laying hold of it we grasp the pack thread of nerve currents, and from these stout twine of our thoughts, and lastly the rope of Prana, controlling which we reach freedom."

From the book - The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda: vol. 1 pb by Swami Vivekananda

This illustration is so good that I chose to copy it verbatim. Great way to understand the complex theories behind controlling  thoughts and mind.

The whole book is full of such wisdom.

Highly recommended.

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