Friday, July 16, 2010

Newton's thrid law - corporate version

Corporate version of Newton's third law....

"For every action, there is equal and opposite CRITICISM."

Who criticizes? Not the people who are playing the game. They do not have time and energy. They are focused on the game. It's the watchers. They never play a game, let alone a good game. All they do is to criticize.

You do one way, they criticize. They do other way, they criticize. There is no way to please them. Ask them to do it themselves or show you how to do, they do not. They are not there. Sometimes they come to play. When they are unable to play well, they just say - 'We just came to watch and you made us play. We are going back.'

It's amazing that people can spend days, years and their careers criticizing others. You know what happens if you keep doing that for too long? You become a hopeless cynic. You see value in nothing. You become defeatist. You become an apathetic worm. Nobody ever wants to have you on their team. 'If you do not feel good, at least look good.'

"More people have been fired for bad attitude than poor aptitude."

"If you are not fired up with enthusiasm. You will be fired with enthusiasm."

"Your attitude determines your altitude."

C-Level acronyms.

CIO  - Career Is Over

CEO - Career Evidently Over

CMO - Career Mostly Over (Chief Marketing Officer)

CPO - Career Pathetically Over (Chief People's Officer)


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