Sunday, October 17, 2010

Emotions - from repression to expression

"Controlling the emotions is repressing them. Transforming the emotions is expressing them." - Osho Rajneesh

Bear with me on this not-so-pleasant analogy. Or bear with Osho because he is the one who used it. If you feel like vomiting due to some food poisoning or something else, do you just go and puke on somebody? or puke on the restaurant waiter or owner where you think you had the meal that gave you this food poisoning? Most likely, you do not. Like any normal person, you go to bathroom/toilet bury your head into the pot, relieve yourself and come out feeling  the relief of getting the bad stuff out of your system.

Osho asks, then why do we vomit our anger on somebody for wrongs or what we think as wrongs? Anger is nothing but mental food poisoning. You took some bad ingredients, your restless mind processed it and could not withstand it, so it is giving you that equivalent sensation to go and puke. If that's the case, go and puke in private and not on somebody else. Osho says, go and run around your house for seven times and sit down under a tree and see where the anger has disappeared. Sri Eknath Easwaran says go for a brisk walk repeating your mantra.

"You are not punished for your anger. You are punished by your anger." - Buddha. Anger and other negative emotions are THE punishments. There is not any separate punishment for feeling angry or being nasty. Just see how you feel afterwards, you just feel terrible - even if you feel you stuck it up well into the other person. As they say - "in war, victors are vanquished. Defeated are destroyed." Both are lost.

"Forgiveness is the highest form of revenge."

"If you want to take revenge, dig two graves. One for the other and one for yourself."

Cheers to tranquility.

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