Sunday, May 27, 2012


What's peace?

Let's not worry about world peace.

What it means on individual level.

For me as I reflect today, peace means.

- being in sync with your true self
- accepting the situation
- having courage to change the situation or myself as needed
- having no regrets of the past or worries of the future
- having a firm faith that life, without fail, provides you with everything you need to live this moment. (Jesus prayed - God give this day our daily bread and NOT bread for this week or month or year)
- self preservation will get you through any sort of crisis
- people come in your life or you go into the lives of others for a reason and stay there only to the extent needed.
- reality that we see is not what it is but what we are capable of seeing. So be sure of your reality to the extent your senses let you see but have an open mind that it is not all. There certainly is more than what meets our senses. But to be peaceful you can just make peace with your reality.

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