Monday, May 28, 2012


Personality comes from 'persona' which means 'mask'.

So what's is our personality? A mask?

Yes, many times what we think what our personality is nothing more than a mask.

Sometimes mask is a good one and sometimes it is not a good one.

And per our scriptures, it is not one mask that we wear but several. Layer over layer.

After wearing masks for so long, no wonder we come to identify completely with our masks. We totally forget that we are wearing masks and that is hiding our real face.

You think you have angry personality. You are wearing an anger mask. That's all. Transform that anger and that mask falls away.

If you think you have a cheerful and happy personality, congratulations. That's not a mask at all. That's an attribute of your true nature. Keep it and develop it. Such positive personalities spread happiness wherever they go.

If you think you have a brooding personality, well again a mask. Not your real nature. Get out and be with people. Put the happiness of others before yours and see how your gloominess stars to melt and eventually evaporate.

Simple rule. Whatever is good and synchronizes with your heart is your real personality. If it does not feel good or fit well, then it is a mask. Slowly but surely start removing the mask step by step and eventually you will have your REAL personality.

Good news is that none of the masks fit you well at all. It's only natural that they do not fit you because they are artificial and artificial things do not feel and fit well.

No wonder we feel uncomfortable when we are angry, hostile, jealous, unhappy, vengeful. See how you feel when you feel happy for yourself and others, kind, patient. Feels good. Right?

If it feels good, do it while remembering if it does not feel good, please stop doing it.

Simple transformation.


PS: As usual inspired by Sri Eknath Easwaran's wisdom.

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