Thursday, May 31, 2012

Your vision....karmic vision

Let’s never forget: What we see is what our karmic vision allows us to see, and no more.
by Sogyal Rinpoche 
Even quantum physicists have started saying that the reality that we see is only partial because that's all we are capable of seeing with our limited perception. Refer to 'observer effect' where what is being observed is based on the observer. 
Earlier we knew about 3 dimensions. Later  in addition to x, y, z axis, one more was added. That is ever important TIME. Now string theory says there are 12 or 13 dimensions which approximate or generalized to fit into 4 dimension theory.

Even with our 5 senses, the reality we see is not complete because we are limited by our karmic vision. Everyone wears some kind of filter which lets in only what they are destined to see and nothing more. 

There is nothing wrong about being able to see only what we can see. It's meant to be like that. It's there for our own protection otherwise we mortals can not survive if we see multidimensional reality all of a sudden.

But, we should have an open mind that there is lot more than what we can see with our senses combined.

That's in our own best interest.

As we open up to possibilities beyond our limited vision, our vision starts getting broader and broader. By being open minded, we are letting God know that we are slowly but surely readying ourselves for advanced experiences. 

After that just wait for different experience to occur. It is not that you will have a dazzling experience which is not normal. What happens is that you become more perceptive. Things that you did not use to notice or did not use to make sense start making sense suddenly. That's all. As you accumulate such experiences, you will start seeing more and more unity. That's the whole purpose. Seeing the underlying unity. 

Separateness is mere illusion.


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