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Mamta Kulkarni, Vicky Goswami complete saga summarized for the uninitiated

Has the ghost of late music moghul Gulshan Kumar come back to haunt Vicky Goswami, husband of ex-actress Mamta Kulkarni?

It was at the inauguration of Vicky Goswami's brand new hotel in Dubai, in 1997, the plot to bump off Gulshan Kumar was discussed, finalized and supari was given and accepted. Police had interrogated all the Bollywood actors and actresses who had gone to perform at the show organized by Vicky Goswami. That's when the vital clues regarding the conspiracy emerged. Apparently Nadeem (of Nadeem Shravan music duo) did the show free of cost to cover the expenses of the Gulshan Kumar supari. At that time don Abu Salem was named as main accused. After being arrested in Lisbob and extradited to India, Abu Salem dumped all the blame on Anees Ibrahim, D's brother.

Vicky Goswami provided convenient place, pretext and opportunity for all the concerned parties to gather and hatch the plot to kill Gulshan Kumar. So, some bad Karma and unhappy soul of Gulshan Kumar is probably taking its revenge on Goswami, for the second time.

Soon after the killing of Gulshan Kumar, Vicky Goswami shifted his allegiance to Chota Rajan, Dawood's bitterest rival. So, Dawood got him arrested in Dubai and made him spend good 15 years in prison. Mamata, who had become his moll after being friendly with D company men, managed his business in Dubai, mainly real estate and patiently waited for his release. Vikcy's 25 years sentence was reduced to 15 for good conduct and for converting to Islam. Mamta also converted and that was added bonus to release him early.

Around the year 2000, Mamta's career also took nose dive because of her hifi nakhras and underworld connections. She, who was a D company moll, approached rival don Chota Rajan to force producer/ director RK Santoshi take her back into the movie 'China Gate' after he had booted her out. Producer RKS was threatened by Rajan at Mamta's behest and she was back in the movie but she was barely given any prominence. Santoshi had taken his revenge by editing out many of her important scenes.

Bollywood then controlled by D company got annoyed by Mamta's histrionics and her Chota Rajan connection and ejected her from Bollywood for good. Unwritten law was passed and diktat was issued - she was a persona non grata. That was the end of her Bollywood career. So she shifted to Dubai and managed Goswami's business while he rotted in Dubai jails.

After his release, Goswami returned to Kenya where he had connections. Back to the old game of drug trafficking. Some other drug baron of Mozambique got upset by Akasha brothers of Kenya whose bidding Goswami was doing and contacted Dawood and gave supari to take care of Goswami and company. Once again Dawood did take care of the unfinished business and leaked info to authorities. As a result of that Goswami is again behind the bars. This time along with wife, ex-actress Mamta Kulkarni.

Meanwhile nobody was convicted for the murder of Gulshan Kumar. Some were bumped off. Some died of natural causes. Many were acquitted.

So it's left for music baron's ghost to do what it thinks is necessary and it is probably doing just that!

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