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Incredible experiences - Bhagvadgita

Two incredible experiences. Seem to come straight from Ripley's believe it or not. (

1) This is from someone I know very well and full trust. So, no reason even to suspect anything here (at least for me).

This person developed unusual fascination for crocodiles ever since he saw one very first time when he was 10 years old or so. First sighting was not unexpected or scary as they were boating in some place which was known to have crocodiles. He says after that he was always yearning to see crocodiles at every opportunity. But, he never got to see crocodiles, at least, in natural surroundings. He remembers having seen them a couple of times in zoos. But, that did not interest him much.

This fascination with crocodiles turned into something very different after a few years. He started to have dreams in which crocodiles appeared in or the other way. He had dreams of crocodiles at least once a week. Sometimes, almost daily. But, one thing he remembers very well is that despite having read many crocodile attacks on humans and other scary stories, crocodiles never did anything to harm him in his dreams. So, none of those dreams were nightmares or unduly concerning. Crocodiles used to appear either lazing in the water or basking in the sun or in some weird dense formation in a very small pond or something on those lines.

Dreams continued for some year. His interest about crocodiles also kept growing. He spent time searching for crocodiles stories on the interment, books and from people who had anything to share. He became a walking encyclopedia on crocodiles and many interesting incidents from all over the world. He had to since there was probably no publicly available information which he had not read. He was so intrigued by few clipping of crocodiles attacks posted on national geographic web site that he watched them over and over in awe. Once in a while he used to get concerned about this strange obsession. However, since it did not affect him negatively anyway other than taking most of his spare time, he did not care much.

Once he picked up Bhagvadgita, one of the holiest scriptures of India, and got interested in it. He read one or two pages everyday. He says although he enjoyed Gita, there was nothing remarkable that happened while he continued to read Gita till he landed on that part of Gita where in a few verses Lord Krishna describes his different forms. He does not remember that very well. But, there was something that hit his consciousness and transformed. Lord Krishna while explaining his different forms says among aquatic creatures he is crocodile. This person says he had never experienced anything more strange and spooky than the moment this revelation of Lord Krishna as crocodile registered in his mind. For a couple of minutes it was like a non-stop blinding lightning and deafening thunder and he kind of passing out. Not painful but not comfortable either. The effect lasted a few minutes. More funny thing happened afterwards. He says it's been more than a year or so and he has not had even a single crocodile dream. This story is simply mind blowing. After this experience, this person's life changed for better. He developed a better perspective on life. His obsession with crocodiles stopped and in his own words 'he sees a flicker at the end of the tunnel'

That particular verse is 31st verse from chapter 10 of Gita.

Pavanah pavataamasmi raamah shastrabhritaamaham;
Jhashaanaam makarashchaasmi srotasaamasmi jaahnavee.

31. Among the purifiers (or the speeders) I am the wind; Rama among the warriors am I; among the fishes I am the shark; among the streams I am the Ganga.

(Note: In the Bhagvadgita posted below from, 'makara' is translated as shark which IMO is incorrect. Anyway, in the book that this person was reading, it was mentioned as crocodiles and that's how it is in most of the other books too.)

2) It would have been difficult to believe in the above mentioned miracle story if it were not for another similar incident documented by V.M. Joshi who is said to have been part of Late Subashchandra Bose's INA (Indian National Army) and fought in certain battles. This story is referenced in spiritual discourses of Sri Bannanje Gocindacharya, an eminent authority on spirituality. Sri Bannanje's spiritual discourse in Kannada are one of the best. They can be found at - Search for 'Bannanje' and I think this specific reference is in his discourse on Gita or 'yoga jivana'. If you understand Kannada, all his discourses there are worth listening and in the process you will also see him referring to V.M.Johsi's experience.

V.M.Joshi writes in his book about an air crash that he happened to see. This plane had crashed and everyone had perished. People who were scouting the accident site suddenly heard a baby crying. They were very surprised to see that a baby survived when everyone else had perished. Due to some divine intervention, the baby had landed on thick grass and that had saved it from the impact. But, the shocking discovery was the fact that there was a book which was resting on baby's chest. Regular sized book. First amazing discovery was that the book was Bhagvadgita. When they took the book from baby's chest and glanced at the page, first thing that they saw was one of the most famous verses in Gita in which Lord Krishna assures his devotees 'yoga kshemam vahamyam' meaning "I will take care of your well being." Bannanje wondered how incredible is this story for this to happen. Who knows what good deeds the baby had done in its past births and what Lord wanted to convey. But it is very hard to brush either of these stories as myths or imaginations.

The verse is from chapter 9 is given below.

Ananyaashchintayanto maam you janaah paryupaasate;
Teshaam nityaabhiyuktaanaam yogakshemam vahaamyaham.

22. To those men who worship me alone, thinking of no other, of those ever united, I secure what is not already possessed and preserve what they already possess.

Now, ask yourselves if these two incidents are anything you can see at Ripley's. Listening and pondering over these two stories has been like a life changing experience for many of us. Imagine the experience of those blessed ones who experienced it first hand.

God Bless!

Following are the verses from Chapter 9 where Lord Krishna reveals his different forms.

28. Among weapons I am the thunderbolt; among cows I am the wish-fulfilling cow called Surabhi; I am the progenitor, the god of love; among serpents I am Vasuki.

Anantashchaasmi naagaanaam varuno yaadasaamaham;
Pitreenaamaryamaa chaasmi yamah samyamataamaham.

29. I am Ananta among the Nagas; I am Varuna among water-Deities; Aryaman among the manes I am; I am Yama among the governors.

Prahlaadashchaasmi daityaanaam kaalah kalayataamaham;
Mrigaanaam cha mrigendro'ham vainateyashcha pakshinaam.

30. And, I am Prahlad among the demons; among the reckoners I am time; among beasts I am their king, the lion; and Garuda among birds.

Pavanah pavataamasmi raamah shastrabhritaamaham;
Jhashaanaam makarashchaasmi srotasaamasmi jaahnavee.

31. Among the purifiers (or the speeders) I am the wind; Rama among the warriors am I; among the fishes I am the shark; among the streams I am the Ganga.

Sargaanaamaadirantashcha madhyam chaivaaham arjuna;
Adhyaatmavidyaa vidyaanaam vaadah pravadataamaham.

32. Among creations I am the beginning, the middle and also the end, Arjuna! Among the sciences I am the science of the Self; and I am logic among controversialists.

Aksharaanaamakaaro'smi dwandwah saamaasikasya cha;
Ahamevaakshayah kaalo dhaataaham vishwatomukhah.

33. Among the letters of the alphabet, the letter "A" I am, and the dual among the compounds. I am verily the inexhaustible or everlasting time; I am the dispenser (of the fruits of actions), having faces in all directions.

Mrityuh sarvaharashchaaham udbhavashcha bhavishyataam;
Keertih shreervaakcha naareenaam smritirmedhaadhritih kshamaa.

34. And I am all-devouring death, and prosperity of those who are to be prosperous; among feminine qualities (I am) fame, prosperity, speech, memory, intelligence, firmness and forgiveness.

Brihatsaama tathaa saamnaam gaayatree cchandasaamaham;
Maasaanaam maargasheersho'hamritoonaam kusumaakarah.

35. Among the hymns also I am the Brihatsaman; among metres Gayatri am I; among the months I am Margasirsa; among seasons (I am) the flowery season.

Dyootam cchalayataamasmi tejastejaswinaamaham;
Jayo'smi vyavasaayo'smi sattwam sattwavataamaham.

36. I am the gambling of the fraudulent; I am the splendour of the splendid; I am victory; I am determination (of those who are determined); I am the goodness of the good.

Vrishneenaam vaasudevo'smi paandavaanaam dhananjayah;
Muneenaamapyaham vyaasah kaveenaamushanaa kavih.

37. Among Vrishnis I am Vasudeva; among the Pandavas I am Arjuna; among sages I am Vyasa; among poets I am Usana, the poet.

Dando damayataamasmi neetirasmi jigeeshataam;
Maunam chaivaasmi guhyaanaam jnaanam jnaanavataamaham.

38. Among the punishers I am the sceptre; among those who seek victory I am statesmanship; and also among secrets I am silence; knowledge among knowers I am.

Yachchaapi sarvabhootaanaam beejam tadahamarjuna;
Na tadasti vinaa yatsyaanmayaa bhootam charaacharam.

39. And whatever is the seed of all beings, that also am I, Arjuna! There is no being, whether moving or unmoving, that can exist without me.

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