Saturday, August 19, 2006

Olympus WS-300M 256 MB Digital Voice Recorder and Music Player

Recently I wrote about the best practice of recording your meetings as an effective practice to capture good information from meetings when taking notes is not easy.

This is a nice little digital voice recorder for such a purpose. Very happy with the purchase.

Very sensitive voice recorder. Just place it in the middle of the table and it can record even remote sounds quite well. In the highest quality mode, it can record up to 8 hrs. Transferring the recordings to a computer is also a breeze. No need for a cable etc. Comes with a built in USB plug which goes right into your computer port. Once plugged in, the recorder shows up as another drive like your pen drive.

Files are recorded in WMA format. Since many editing programs require MP3, you may have to use another software utility to convert if you need to edit for marking segments of important things in the meetings such as decisions, action items, etc. There are many freeware tools available to help with that. I use the one from Jodix.

Built in speaker is also a great help to transcribe notes. Comes with a pair of earphones too. If speaker is used, battery drains off quickly. Otherwise, one AAA battery seems to last for a quite long.

You can record all your meetings, listen when required, miss nothing and take your management skills to the next level. Or listen to them when you can not sleep worrying about your projects :)


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