Saturday, August 28, 2010


"Angels are able to fly because they take themselves lightly."

Taking lightly (as opposed to taking seriously) is very important. This quote made sense. Angels are at the far end of the spectrum of goodness. They are not really gods but have improved upon usual human weaknesses and overcome many of them. They still are probably far away from being totally realized souls. So, if they are able to fly despite being like us - humans - then they have figured out a way to take themselves lightly. That reduces the weight and they can fly while we normal human beings weighted down by all our petty issues, concerns and problems have to crawl most of the times and may be walk and run at the best of our times. Are we not missing some serious fun here? We are crawling when we could be flying and having fun.

So, do not take yourself too seriously. Some people seem to take themselves too seriously and in the process forget what they should be taking seriously. Take your job, health, money, life seriously but not yourself. If you are bogged down with taking yourself seriously, then career, job, money, health and everything else goes for a toss.

"Do not take everything personally. But, put your unique personality into everything you do."

"Take your job seriously. But, not take yourself so seriously."

Take yourself lightly and soon you will see you are also able to fly once you are free of trivial things that used to hold you down.


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