Saturday, June 30, 2012

Unlimited mind power...Free...Up for grabs

If you clear up the clutter in your room, you may then be able to walk out of your messy room to some other room in your own house.

This is an extreme case to imagine. I agree. But, if you make your, say, bedroom very messy-  things all strewn around and totally disorganized, how hard it will be to even get out of your own bed and walk to kitchen or living room. You stumble upon that book which should not have been lying around, dirty clothes cling to your foot and what not. If you do not clear the clutter, very soon, getting out of the bed in the morning becomes a chore. You will forget that there are other rooms in the house and you may as well use them. You will become a virtual prisoner in your own room. 

I know it is probably very exaggerated. But when it comes to our minds, this is not strong enough to describe the state of our minds. Our minds have become like our messy room. First of all, there is way to much clutter. Second, even the things that we need are not properly organized. With that, is it any wonder, we spend most of our time in our minds and go no where? And to make things worse, mind is not like your bedroom.  If you do not add more clutter, your bedroom does not become more messy. It just stays the way it is. But, with mind, it generates more clutter and deepens the ever increasing garbage dump it has created. Slowly things start decaying and what you end up having is a toxic mind. Toxicity keeps on increasing unless you do something about it.

There is more to it. Of course, you got to clean up your bedroom and your mind so that you can live there comfortably. There is one more advantage  too. Once your bedroom is cleared, you can walk out of it and go to other rooms and help yourself in the kitchen or watch a movie in the living room. If rest of the house is organized, you can slip into your comfortable slippers and walk over to your neighbors and  enjoy their house as well.

What's the big deal, you say? 

I agree when we talk like this in terms of house, it seem very childish. But take the analogy to our minds.

Can you imagine the amount of  mind power available to all of us through the universal mind? 

Just to give an example. Some of our favorite writers keep writing week after week, best seller after best seller and fans continue to like them more and more. Many times we feel that our favorite writer wrote exactly what we would have liked him or her to write. All the credit goes to the author. But, it is very much likely that such people are able to tap into the very large pool of universal mind by going out of their own very limited personal mind. Our own personal mind is like a small tank of water in our own house. But, there is a big river of collective mind flowing which is open to everyone to draw water from. It's free and available. You just have to get out of your own mind to let the better water from the universal mind flood your own mind.

This explains unceasing fountain of creativity in some people like novelists, movie actors, scinetists or people who have achieved amazing things in their respective fields. Many of them are not aware of of it all. They come specially endowed with such a simple and clear mind and continue to maintain it that way so that they can simply borrow your mind, your ideas to help themselves with.

You may ask how do you do it? Although Yoga system of Patanjali gives exact steps to acquire such powers, it may be very hard during our times and where we may be in our own evolution. But, you can at least do all the preparatory work so that you can let the river of universal mind flood yours when it is appropriate. Just clear the junk in your own mind, have an open mind, be willing walk over to other rooms in your own house, then neighbors, then many such neighbors and so on. 

Sometimes we are able to read other people's thoughts and we call it seredipity, synchronisity etc. It's like borrowing something from your neighbor. That's it.

I will provide reference to the book where this concept is so well illustrated once I 'remember' it. :)

Cheers to tapping into universal mind. Everyone's mileage varies. Hope you get a good mileage.

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