Thursday, November 19, 2015

Be good. Do good. And don't forget to share and inspire.

Share your good deeds on Facebook. You don't know who is going to be inspired by you and your good deeds and do similar good deeds. An example - I have been a supporter of micro-credit financing organization KIVA for last 10+ years. I have made several loans. Every time a loan is repaid, I send it back to the system in the form of another loan. Yesterday, I saw that my account had enough repayments to make another loan. I logged into KIVA, selected the first open loan and made the loan. At the end, I was offered with an option to share my latest loan and loan details, business details for which the loan has been made, etc. on the Facebook. I just hit 'share' and forgot about it.

Apparently, a college friend of mine saw it little later on FB. It seems he is passionate about the underlying technology / business for which I had made the loan. I had not even checked what I was making the loan for. That's not important for me. Later I came to know from my friend that it was for some solar products & related business. He is very passionate about solar technology and everything related to it. So he jumped on it and made his loan also to the same business.

I came to know all this only when he messaged me on FB later and asked some details. He was thankful that I shared my loan details on FB and it helped him to find something that he was passionate about and looking for an opportunity to make a difference.

While growing up, many of us have been taught not to share much news or talk much about our small little good deeds. I still think twice while sharing my donations, KIVA loans etc. on FB because of that deeply ingrained training 'You should never 'brag' about your donations, charities etc. in public' But now I am convinced that there is nothing wrong in sharing the facts objectively without having to brag about it. You don't know when you may inspire someone else do something similar or even better on much much larger scale.

If somebody misconstrues it as 'bragging', it is their problem. In all probability, such people just talk, do time pass and do no good. NADA. Who cares!?

Be good. Do good. And don't forget to share and inspire.

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* Copied from Facebook status.

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