Saturday, June 04, 2016

Class 12 memories....

This blog post was triggered by the memories that came after reading the above article.

What a mess!!

So what happens now? Everyone's rank gets bumped up by 1??? Second rank holder becomes the first and so on.

Reminds me of a similar story that happened in 1982, my brother's PUC-II batch. Some girl went to court (if I recall correctly) over her results and somehow became 6th or 7th rank holder afterwards. So everyone below her rank got pushed down. One of my brother's friend who had initially secured the 10th rank also got the push down and being the last rank holder he became rankless as 11th rank does not count. Only top 10.

Not that it mattered. He went on to do well later in life.

That girl getting inserted herself in the middle did not matter to my bro. He was the state topper in science. His 570/600 was a new record and stayed so for many years only to be beaten and bettered by somebody in 1996 or sometime. Now forget it. Everyone scores like 590+ out of 600. But back then scoring was not that easy. That too scoring 570/600 with PCMB and Sanskrit was unheard of. Normally high scorers used to have Statistics or Electronics along with some foreign languages like French or German.

1982 was also a golden year for Dharwad and for Karnataka College Dharwad (KCD). First ranks in both science and arts streams were bagged by KCD students. Arts topper was KUD Chemistry Prof. Mahajanshetty's daughter. Also our family friends.

The year 1982 was also a golden year for our Havyaka community, a very small community of Brahmins who follow Advaita tradition and have their unique Kannada dialect and many other special cultural norms. Both PUC-II (science) and SSLC toppers were Havyakas. PUC-II topper was my bro. SSLC topper was Mahabaleshwar Hegde from Sirsi. SSLC rank list also had few more Havyakas like Vinay Hegde of Bairumbe, Sirsi. Dinesh Bhagwat of Kumata. Interesting thing happened in 1984. Dinesh Bhagwat and Mahabaleshwar Hegde swapped their ranks. Dinesh Bhagwat, who had come to study at KCD, got the first rank to the state in science stream. Mahabaleshwar Hegde got the 6th rank to the state. All went on to scale higher mountains later. All doing well.

Oh, good old memories.

Btw, just for the record, I got the 11th rank in PUC, 1990 (missed the 10th by one mark). Not that it mattered anyway (!?) :)


sunaath said...

Congratulations! Surely you have scaled higher summits later too.

Mahesh Hegade said...

Thanks Sunaath, Sir.