Sunday, June 17, 2012

Security - part 2

Continuing from the previous post on 'finding security' .

After body, comes the mind. Mind and intellect go together.  Mind is the sensor and intellect is the interpreter of the data sensed by the sensor.

Mind is nothing but an extension of the physical body. That's why it is called 'subtle body'. We have already seen that body is not going to give us security. So, mind can not either. Mind is the root of all our problems because mind is responsible for creating 'our' version of reality. It is what drives senses and receives external stimuli. Intellect merely projects all its previous conditioning on everything that the mind brings in  and categorizes into good/bad, happy/sad, like/dislike and so. Give it anything. And intellect has to categorize it into two. It simply fails to see the continuum that the life is and not binary zero or one.

Moreover, mind and intellect are like body. They undergo change. Change is the keyword here. We can simplify where to look for security. If you try to look for security in anything that is changing, you are going to be disappointed and not going to find it all. 

So it is easier now. Take anything and see if it is going to change or not. If it is going to change, then it is no use putting your faith there. It is going to disappoint you.

By this formula, take anything and it is not going to provide you with security. Body, mind, intellect, money, status, prestige, riches, relationships, relatives, friends, job, pets, travel, sense on and so forth. They all may provide temporary feeling of security but not real security. Some things like alcohol, drugs anesthetize you temporarily and thus give an illusion of shielding you from things that cause you insecurity. But we all know what's the feeling when the numbness wears out. It's worse than before. And chemical dependence is bad. We all know that.

Moreover there is a major problem with seeking temporary sense pleasures. It leads to really tragic circumstances if not managed well. Look at people. Their bodies and minds are just not able to enjoy sense pleasures as they were  before but they still need to indulge in them because brain circuitry is messed up from some addiction or dependence. That's the reason they say - your mind can be your best friend when trained and can be your worst enemy when untrained.

So, bad news is there is nothing external in this world where you can seek security. But, we will see in some future post, where to look for security. Answer is going to surprise you.


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