Sunday, July 09, 2006


Fana- Hindi movie- starring Amir Khan, Kajol etc.

Does not deserve the hype that has been generated around this. May that's how it got to the top of list. Anyway, there was some similar movie with Sunny Deol and Tabu in which Tabu a Paki terrorist seduces Sunny Deol and puts him into all sorts of problem and at the end Sunny demolishes the terrorist ring. Ok, now replace Sunny with Kajol and Tabu with Amir, you get Fana. Terrorist in the facade of a tourist guide, a blind girl falls for him, then he vanishes. After many years, he lands right at her house. Their tumult and what not makes the movie.

Kajol acts better as a blind person than one who has got the eyes. Amir does not have the punch that he normally packs into other movies. Tabu's role kinda hurried.

2 stars.

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