Friday, October 27, 2006


"Do not suspect in the light what I assured in the dark."

Meaning may not be obvious here. It's all about faith and how strong it is. Many of us are motivated by religious scriptures, feel reassured by the gospel of God and vow that we would never let this faith waver when faced with difficulties. Then comes a difficulty, why do we waver? Why all the assurances given by God seem hollow and we start second guessing God. It's not clear. One is our over-developed intellect. Over-developed intellect in itself is not bad but when it has to compulsively over analyze it shakes all convictions because it's the nature of intellect to look for logic and rationale in everything. But, some things such as assurances from God as described in the scriptures can not be proved by conventional means. It is to be believed and experienced. We can see the glory of God in the lives of others and say to ourselves that when the time comes God will glorify our lives too. It's just that.

Look at a simple person who may not be well educated. If his 'samskaras' are good, his faith wavers under no circumstances. He faces every situation wholly and squarely with firm belief in God. "God will take care of everything." "God will not abandon us." "God will lighten the load of our problems." are not fatalistic beliefs. When believed fully and with utter conviction,they have capability to work miracles. When we believe in things fully without any trace of doubt, we are not asking some unknown cosmic entity for help, we are tapping into enormous untapped energy dormant in our own self. It is not surprising  that we use only a fraction of our potential.

"Belief in God is the beginning of wisdom." If we just follow this and give up unnecessary knit picking on issues using our superlative logic, we can only help ourselves. How much of our vital energy goes in worrying about the uncertainty of life. Life may be uncertain to us but God has planned it all for us to minutest details. It's just that he want us to look forward to every moment with curiosity that he does not reveal how the next moment is going to unfold. In fact, he gives subtle hints only if we can sense them and make sense out of them. All the intuition and premonitions we experience are subtle hints. Depending on our belief system, we can look forward to a rosy future or doomed future. We invite the kind of future we imagine. God is way too generous in granting what we want. Think about dooms day scenario and God sends one. But in his infinite mercy he does rescue us from the brink of annihilation only to make a point that despite our wish for total destruction he chose to save us out of his compassion and other designs for us.


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