Sunday, January 14, 2007

Blood Diamond

Blood Diamond - movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio and others.

Nice movie. Very touching especially if you have followed in any detail about the blood civil war in Sierra Leone and other west African countries over diamonds. Everyone wants them - rebels to fight government and government to fight rebel. No ideology or no good intentions. All for money and this has led to a lot of blood shed and unimaginable suffering to people in the region.

The movie does a good job of sensitizing diamond consumers all over the world about the horrors and crimes behind acquiring those so called 'precious' stones, how they may be contributing to blood shed by being indiscriminate about not caring where and how the diamonds come from.

Good mix of contemporary theme, action and great acting by everyone. Some scenes are ghastly but shown with due care. No unnecessary blood spilling. But, only to the extent to show how cruel and horrible people can be to their fellow human beings. One thing is true - the kind of violence that is common in Africa is hard to believe but it can be sometimes worse that what we get to know thru news media. It seems to be part of the land there to be violent. Dog eats dog world - literally.

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