Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Winning Spirit: 16 Timeless Principles That Drive Performance Excellence (Audio Book)

Inspirational, motivational self-help book from Joe Montana (star football player of yesteryears) and Tom Mitchell (executive coach).

Nice book with time tested self-help principles to achieve success. All illustrated with foot ball similes. So, if one does not understand football and its nuances, it may be little hard to get the full effect. Nevertheless, good one to spend a couple hours listening to it.

One thing very impressive about the authors is that after they excelled in their respective careers, they started an investment fund with no background in investment management. They approached this new field like anything else they did in the past. Start small, get hang of basics, grow at a sustainable rate, get some early wins, practice makes perfect and rest is history. At the time the book was published, according to authors, the fund was 500 million dollars and more. Good for them and their clients.

Joe Montana is really good and highlights how important his family was behind his success. So, good to remember to make families a heaven for self-help and also remember to be grateful for all the families did for us and recognize contributions to whatever we are today.


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