Sunday, August 19, 2007

Thumbs-up for Picsquare

Picsquare is a cool online photo printing service. Especially useful for overseas Indians.

It has nice integration with Flickr and other online photo sharing services. Of course, they also allow you to upload your photographs directly.

If you have pictures to sent to your relatives in India, you can do that from anywhere in the world. They will print your pictures and send them to the address you provide in India. They accept in both rupees and USD. Some days back they were having 5 cents per 4x6 pictures. Reduced from 9 cents. Great deal. Also search on the Google for Picsquare coupons and you will find a few and you can use the one which gives the most discount. Best I found was 'INDICAST' (see here) which allowed 10% whopping discount on the final price.

So, great service. Unless there is any problem with their shipping and delivery, I recommend this service very highly.


Delivery was so so. Processing got delayed almost by 2 weeks. I guess they got a huge response for their 15th August price cuts and could not process the overload. Anyway, they kept e-mailing about the delay and promptly informed when the order was shipped. Order was shipped using local courier agency which was delivered to my relative in a small town near Shimogga. That's good. I was told that they sent some free albums as well. That's nice. I think they send albums for every so many prints ordered.

Hopefully, they improve their order processing and delivery to provide more predictable time they can live up to.


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Anonymous said...

My shipment is delayed by 2 weeks . No response to emails nor phone. I have not recieved any update emails either. Worst service ever. I used to go for Kodak Express. They were really good. Not sure if they still have the site up.