Sunday, June 15, 2008

Magic Jack

Magic Jack - a neat gadget. If it lives up to its promise of unlimited phone calls for $20 / year, this is going to do nothing less than revolutionizing the way we have come to use telephones. I think it will at least few more months before all issues are ironed out. It still has some rough edges and does not work consistently and reliably. So, even if you buy it and find it working reasonably well for you, do not rush to cancel your other telephone service yet.

This gadget has created a lot of buzz among VoIP enthusiasts. There is a very informative 'unofficial' forum for Magic Jack. You will find tonnes of good information. A lot of undocumented neat information as well. You may want to go there from time to time as technical support is not very good with Magic Jack.

Overall, a neat toy if you are a VoIP geek. Go try it. You have nothing to lose as they are offering 30 day free trial. Even if you want to keep it beyond the trial period, it is just 50 bucks.


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