Sunday, March 15, 2009


"When I am good, I am very good. But, when I am bad, I am even better."

Hard to get the meaning out of this right away. What can this possibly mean?

One thing that comes to my mind is about people who have our best interest in their hearts. When they are good to us, it feels good. But, when they are bad to us, if we set aside our preoccupation with feeling good all the time, we see that they are better when they are bad. Because they are acting out badly just out sheer frustration of not being able to see us delivering our best. Probably you have had this experience with your best teachers, good mentors etc. They sometimes snap at us. Scold us. Scowl at us. What not....It is easy to get hurt by such behaviors from people we have come to admire and consider as our friends and family. When such things happen, always examine the motives. Chances are, when the fog clears, you see that they still harbor best of best intentions for you and your well being. It is just that their best interests for your well being are coming out that way. They do not intend to hurt you anyway. They may be frustrated that you,despite being very talented, are not living up to your full potential. So, do not move away from them just like that. Try to dig a little deep why are they acting the way they are. Always give benefit of doubt to everyone including someone who you consider as your adversaries. Benefit of doubt is one benefit we should learn to shower lavishly on everyone. It is going to be paid back in multitudes when it comes to you. Like everyone else we feel that everyone should give us a benefit of doubt and listen to what we have to say. So, why should it be any different for other? What goes around, comes around. So does benefit of doubt you give to others.


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